Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Joy the Jellyfish by Kristen Collier, Illustrated by Kevin Scott Collier

In Joy the Jellyfish written by Kristen Collier, the main character has only one wish - to have friends. Shy and almost colorless, the jellyfish feels passed over by all the creatures in the ocean. It is only when she discovers the true secret of friendship that all her wishes come true. Kristen comes up with a delightful solution to the main character's problem, and even manages to slip in some educational value as Joy the Jellyfish travels through the sea meeting new creatures. Sweetly illustrated by Kevin Scott Collier (illustrator of more than forty children's books, e.g., No More Gunk & OUCH! Sunburn, Rattlesnake Jam), the story contains a valuable message in a subtle way for those children who tend to be shy about meeting new people or making friends. Recommended!
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