Saturday, September 01, 2012

The Power of the Prophetic Blessing by John Hagee

At the beginning of "The Power of the Prophetic Blessing," Pastor John Hagee confidently asserts, "You don't need to search any further for the answers to the challenges of your life; you just need to believe that you have the potential to lead a blessed life...because you were born to be blessed!" 

Hagee starts by defining the prophetic and priestly blessings. The second section talks about the eight prophetic blessings of Jesus, and the final section teaches about releasing and receiving the blessing. 

The principles taught by Hagee are well-researched and backed up with many Scripture references. He also includes many personal anecdotes and relevant quotes from Bible teachers. If you've ever heard Pastor Hagee preach, you'll almost be able to hear his voice booming with his unique delivery from the pages of this book. I don't necessarily agree with all of Hagee's points and interpretations of scripture, though I found myself hoping that he is correct in his assertion. I do  agree with Hagee that words are powerful, and speak the Word of God over my life for prosperity and blessings, health and healing, for favor, and ask God to bless my spouse, my children, and future grandchildren. Because of the teachings in this book, I've been assured I have a biblical foundation for continuing this practice. 

Be sure to have your Bible handy as you read this book. Some of the teachings might seem controversial, but  pray and seek God's guidance as you read. 

I give this book a 3-star review. I was given this book by Worthy Publishing in exchange for my honest opinion. 

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Lipton Tea and Honey Packets

I received Lipton Tea & Honey Packets through At first, I thought I might not like them because of the honey, and the taste might be too overpowering, but I have to say - they are quite delightful. Very refreshing and the Mango-Pineapple is wonderful. For a quick, fresh drink on the go, I'd highly recommend these packets.

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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

The Exceptional Life, The: 8 Powerful Steps to Experiencing God's Best for You by Stephen Arterburn

I've listened to New Life Live, a nationally syndicated radio and TV show, for years and know that Steven Arterburn, founder of New Life, an author, speaker, and one of the longtime hosts, has a knack for taking what could be very complicated problems and providing steps to simple solutions. The fly in the ointment is that many people do not want to give up anything to gain something better – a "new" life. 

In The Exceptional Life, The: 8 Powerful Steps to Experiencing God's Best for You, Arterburn boils down what he sees as the major problems in life to eight categories. Each chapter identifies the origins and features of a negative quality, trait, or behavior and how it impacts a person's life. Then Steven gives Bible-based advice on how to give up the negative for the positive.

Steve uses stories, both funny and sad, but always relevant, to illuminate his points. Although I enjoyed each one, sometimes I did find myself struggling to get back on track. It tickled me though, because after listening to Steve talk on the radio for several years now, I could almost hear him telling the stories. If you're not used to his conversational style of writing, though, it might not seem as endearing. I believe if you stick with him, you will find he does make his point.

Overall, this book is a thoughtful, insightful, and useful tool to help you get started on that journey to become free of negative behaviors and traits that prevent you from having a better, more positive, yes - exceptional life. As a follow up to this book, consider "Healing Is a Choice" also by Arterburn which will help you take further steps to experience God's best for you.

I received this book free from Bethany House Publishers for an honest review.

SNUG Camisoles

The slogan for SNUG Camisoles is "No more sneak peeks…we've got you covered!" That is one great pitch for this product.

When I received my camisole for review, the label said 'One size fits most' and the camisole fit in a tiny plastic bag. My first thought was, "That will never fit." I was happy to be mistaken. When I pulled the cami over my head, it transformed into a body-hugging wrap – but not in the highly uncomfortable way some shape wear does. It felt like a SNUG hug!

When I layer tops, I like to wear camis underneath, and this one doesn't add bulkiness. As you can see in the picture, mine gave me just the right amount of coverage in that top that plunges a tad deeper then I'd like.

And no chafing on my delicate skin with this soft material. I've actually been hurt by my clothing in the past – not a good thing! The material is light as air, but not transparent, the straps at the top are what the company calls 'bra-friendly,' and it's designed to fit extra long. No seeing through, no bra straps showing, and extra coverage. Now you see why the slogan makes perfect sense!

SNUG Camisoles can be ordered through the company's website in a wide variety of styles in lovely colors. Here's a link to the website: Be sure to check out the other styles and the 'sale' page, too.Visit SNUG Camisoles on Facebook here:

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Quick and Easy Guide to Branding Your Business and Creating Massive Sales with Pinterest

Are you looking for a comprehensive and easy-to-understand guide to Pinterest
Pinterest, though rhyming with interest, is only loosely related. It is a virtual pinboard just like corkboards we had in our rooms as kids and you may still have in your home or office. Pinterest is a social networking site that allows users to create photo collections online – like online, upscale scrapbooking. It is primarily a photo sharing website where the members are allowed to create albums pertaining to a certain theme or pattern.
Over a very short period of time, Pinterest has become one of the leading social media networks. Launched in early 2010, the site has grown in leaps and bounds and is viewed as a strong competitor to the older social media networking websites. At present, the website attracts over 11 million visits each week, placing it among the top 10 social networks.
Over the past few years, businesses have been using social media websites for promoting and boosting their businesses. The same is the case with Pinterest. You might be wondering how a photo sharing website can help your business become a success.

Look no further. If you have a question about how it works or how to use it for your business, Kim Garst has the answers. In her eBook The Quick and Easy Guide to Branding Your Business and Creating Massive Sales with Pinterest, she guides you from your setup to marketing in an easy step-by-step fashion with valuable tips all along the way to make your presence on Pinterest a reality, and strengthen your business and brand. A RECOMMENDED resource.
Kim's Twitter and Facebook: 
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Friday, March 16, 2012

Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, and Find Your Path Back to Health - Dr. William Davis

Usually, I'm not this personal when I review a book, but this book requires more of a firsthand, first person review.

I'm like everyone else, I suppose. I've been on every diet there is. High carb. Low carb. High protein. No fat. Low fat. First fat makes you fat, then carbs make you fat. It's confusing and overwhelming. Then I heard about this Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, and Find Your Path Back To Health book. I gave myself a couple of weeks to read the book, digest the information, and then made the important decision not to digest wheat. Cold turkey. The first three days were difficult, but then (and I know you've heard this before), it's like the fog lifted. I felt better, started losing weight, and had more energy. The pervasive soreness I've dealt with for the past few years has abated, and for that, I'm very thankful.

Trying to find wheat-free foods, especially while eating out, is difficult, but not impossible. I find myself using the recipes in the Wheat Belly book and eating home more. And when I start to think that perhaps it's not really giving up wheat that made the difference, I go back to the research in the book - and there is plenty. I purchased the Kindle edition and I've highlighted all the way through so that I have quick and handy references. The research is a bit overwhelming, and this is not strictly a 'how-to' diet book, but it's more of a primer on why you should give up wheat and a launching pad of sorts with the recipes in the back.

I started a blog a while back called "Sick and Tired Woman." I have now changed the title to "Sick and Tired No More!" So, can giving up wheat really make a difference? In a word, yes. At least it did for me. Everyone's metabolism is different, but for me, this book has been a godsend. Highly recommended! 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Joy the Jellyfish by Kristen Collier, Illustrated by Kevin Scott Collier

In Joy the Jellyfish written by Kristen Collier, the main character has only one wish - to have friends. Shy and almost colorless, the jellyfish feels passed over by all the creatures in the ocean. It is only when she discovers the true secret of friendship that all her wishes come true. Kristen comes up with a delightful solution to the main character's problem, and even manages to slip in some educational value as Joy the Jellyfish travels through the sea meeting new creatures. Sweetly illustrated by Kevin Scott Collier (illustrator of more than forty children's books, e.g., No More Gunk & OUCH! Sunburn, Rattlesnake Jam), the story contains a valuable message in a subtle way for those children who tend to be shy about meeting new people or making friends. Recommended!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Review of: Cook'n Recipe Organizer Software

Something different for your consideration. Do you have recipes all over the place - on scraps of paper, in files on your computer, scattered throughout your email? I'm so excited to present a program to help you get organized - an easy to use software that makes finding and storing recipes simple, capturing recipes, and then putting them into files. I'm looking especially forward to using the app to make finding recipes and accessing them in the kitchen or the grocery that much easier!

Watch  the video for more information and visit the website for more videos and to purchase: You can like Cook'n on Facebook at:

What do other bloggers think?
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Sunday, February 05, 2012

Coach and Four: Allisandra's Tale - Linore Rose Burkard

A bit of intrigue, a lot of romance, and a whole lot of enjoyment - that's what you'll get reading Linore Rose Burkard's Coach and Four: Allisandra's Tale. Ms. Burkard researches and sets the scenes with such authenticity that you find yourself transported through time to the era in which her characters live. This is a delightful story, and gives you a taste of the talent that made Burkard's longer book, "The House in Grosvenor Square" a winner of the Inspirational Reader's Choice Award (IRCC). Available in Kindle format only, but you can get your Kindle App free here: Kindle App. Visit Ms. Burkard's website to see trailers, sign up for her newsletter, and more free downloads:
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