Monday, October 26, 2009

Seeking Daily the Heart of God by Boyd Bailey

As I began reading Boyd Bailey's book, Seeking Daily the Heart of God, I actually turned to the front to look at the title again. At the top of the book, it says the book is part of a 'Daily Devotional Series.' These devotionals weren't written in the style to which I'd grown accustomed to read or that I write myself. To me, each of the 365 pieces is more like an encouraging, thought-provoking, mini-sermon.

My personal style and one popular in recent years is to convey a scriptural principle through the retelling of everyday events. Mr. Bailey's devotions are more 'old school' – a bit longer, a whole lot deeper, and designed with one intent - to whet your appetite to spend more time with God and His Word. Boyd ably accomplishes his goal. Two of my favorites are "Heaven's Handprints" and "Less Is More."

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