Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Balancing Act - a Heidi Elliot Novel by Kimberly Stuart

In Kimberly Stuart’s debut novel, Balancing Act, we find Heidi Elliot loving motherhood, but itching to get back to teaching high school Spanish. After all, how hard will it be to balance both jobs? Mothers have managed for years.

Heidi soon finds out. Even though Nora is an ‘easy’ baby, it’s overwhelming at times to balance motherhood, teaching, and being the wife she wants to be to her husband, Jake – who seems to be getting more than enough attention from one of his new clients. Throw in Heidi’s old boyfriend who just moved into her neighborhood, and you have the kind of chaotic life with which all wives and mothers can identify.

As a mom, I enjoyed the realism along with hilarious moments Ms. Stuart interspersed. I could feel Heidi’s panic, the stress, and the ever-present question of, “What do I do now?” With so many choices to make, Heidi needs more than practical advice, and finds the grace and wisdom to make right choices in an unlikely place – the dreaded “Moms’ Group” she’d felt pressured to attend.

Ms. Stuart writes about marriage and motherhood with great insight and humor. Balancing Act is smart and fun. I look forward to more novels from Kimberly Stuart.

Product Details:
Paperback: 245 pages
Publisher: Navpress Publishing Group (August 22, 2006)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1600060765
ISBN-13: 978-1600060762

NOTE: This book was given to me by Glass Road PR for the purpose of receiving reviews.
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